Shadows of Impiltur

A Party to Die For

Mayor of New Sarshel, Bolson Higgs, threw a masquerade for his eldest daughter’s 16th birthday. Val Higgs wasn’t the only one excited to see midnight that night, a few of the Fraternity of Thoros found their way to the party as well.

Yep, Jin and Turin Lesh caught wind of a nefarious plot by the Fraternity to unleash a hoard of demons on the upper crust of New Sarshel at midnight. Luckily, Turin has a crackpot group of super sleuths that could sniff out the plot to kill everyone and take care of it quietly and without harm to anyone. Sadly, they were out of town visiting family, so he called in The Ruiners for help in sorting things out.

Turin, accompanied by Renkirk, Jin, Riven, Raithe, and Shivra, walked into the party and met the gregarious mayor, his blushing daughter, and his rather beautiful elven wife Lyanna. Raithe was like a shadow, Jin gathered info by talking with people, Riven watched peoples intentions, and Shivra made it her goal to stick to young Val and make sure no harm comes to her. However, she was sidetracked for a bit by a little attempt at sucky sucky. However, due to Shivra’s intensity and Raithe’s mind fuck, Lord Behroun was left with out a quick bite and retired to his castle.

Just a couple minutes to midnight, the intrepid crew found out who the Fraternity members were in time to kill them all and disrupt the party for everyone. Better luck at your seventeenth birthday party Val! Lord Zannan was exposed as a member by Riven and his men-at-arms and four stooges died horribly due to a Shivra and a Raithe. Maybe they should look into teaming up and killing some people for money. They are good at it…

In other new, Lady Mythburn was arrested in a most public way and charged with tax evasion and both Turin Lesh and Colburn Jennings have bad constitutions when it comes to long parties. This one did them in in about an hour and a half. The Sons of Pelor, lead by the rightous Cardinal Krozan, are marching on the orc horde that is advancing on the coast. :-)


Lord Zannon, you got so esplain’n to do!

A Party to Die For

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