Shadows of Impiltur

Break and Enter?

Jin was contacted by The Thieves Guild of New Sarshel to see if The Ruiners would be interested in a possible job/initiation test. Draven Star wanted the guys to steal a scroll back from Colburn Jennings, who hid it away deep under his manor in the hills.

It took a rat, or rather a Greyson dressed as a rat, to eventually find the door to the catacombs of the Jennings household from outside the fortified walls of his impressive manse. In order to sneak in unnoticed, Raythe and Jin created two completely different distractions to keep the somewhat alert guards at bay. Sadly, this did eventually end up in an altercation between one of the guards Raythe coaxed off the wall and Jin, who was dressed like a homeless person.

After getting the door open, Greyson-rat, Raythe, Kage, and Riven made their way down the dark corridor into trap after trap of terribleness. Well, to be honest, the crack team of The Ruiners seemed to have no problem combating and disabling the well planned traps of the Jennings family. Raythe and Kage made sure that each and every crypt was disturbed and broken into. Sseth was so proud.

Eventually, Riven and Kage figured out the secret of the subterranean trees and the holographic wall to find where the scroll was hidden. In the end, Greyson, Riven, Kage, Jin, and Raythe worked together to steal the the scroll from Colburn for Draven and the Guild and they have a decision to make as to whether or not to enter. Tough choice for some since it may mean a loss of independence, but tempered with the backing of untold resources and connections. Decisions, decisions…



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