Shadows of Impiltur

Colburn's Been a Naughty Boy

The Ruiners have done it again! They have forever ruined the life of one Mr. Colburn Jennings and a bunch of his friends and servants. After taking their anger out on Razreal and his retinue, the Ruiners talked with Tarnim VonTrapp who told them about being blackmailed by Colburn by keeping his daughter hostage. With Tarnim’s help, the group broke into the Jennings estate basement armed with “Shamina Shami”, the secret password that allowed them to walk right past the Gnaw demons. However, very quickly, due to the playful antics of Greyson, they were all up to their necks in demon on human pain. Surprisingly, the group was able to fight off a titled demon and his group of Gnaw demons without all the way dying. Not to say some of them didn’t get kinda close…<ahem> Shrivra, Kage. They rescued Tarnim’s daughter and the happy family ran away safe and sound. Next came the infiltration of the mansion itself. Even with a strong skunk smell wafting from Riven, disguised as Dead Guard #2, the group was able to enter the house unnoticed as enemies. That was the best thing that could have happened for the Ruiners, but the absolute worst thing that could have happened to Colburn. Right after giving Jin, disguised as Razreal, a verbal lashing, Colburn met his doom in less than six seconds thanks to the combined efforts of Raythe, Kage, and Greyson. He almost never saw it coming… After the swift kill, the team decided to raid the house for all it was worth. They found some interesting magical items, Soersia Jennings, Razreal’s ritual book, some money, and an evil demon possessed mirror. The Ruiners thought that they would see what else Colburn had to offer, so they checked out the other half of the basement. Kage, however, thought he would keep some of the servants company in the only way that Kage can… The rest found a secret ritual room in which a demon was, very unwillingly, giving his blood up to evil ritualists. Raythe lead the attack and Jin convinced the demon not to hurt the Ruiners, but that the black robed ritualist were the bad guys. It worked, even some of the ritualists were willing to sacrifice themselves due to some crafty words by Riven. After that room, they found a rickety bridge over s boiling tar pit. Yuck!! A heavily trapped door awaited them on the other side and it took Riven and Raythe to crack it. A group of Plague Demons hid in he dark on the other side of that door. Exhausted but excited for possible treasure, the Ruiners ripped into the hapless demons and did pretty well, despite the Abyssal Plague that dripped off of their swords and teeth <ahem> Jin. Leaving the mansion, the team went their separate ways. Raythe went to the Thieve’s Guild and told them the news of Colburn, but sensed a disturbance in the Force as everyones attitude changed quicker that a daytime stripper picking up her kids from school. Shivra and Jin, went to get the disease removed from the Temple of Bane and received a quest to destroy a certain halfling in Watertown. Lastly, Riven, Greyson and Kage got some disturbing news from Turin Lesh. Renkirk has gone missing and may have murdered a prominent noble in Old Sarshel. Hopefully, they can find him and save him from himself.


To be fair, there isn’t much life left to ruin, seeing as he’s dead and all.

Colburn's Been a Naughty Boy

Not bad for an adventure if I say so myself
Grayson might disagree as he always does

Colburn's Been a Naughty Boy

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