Shadows of Impiltur

Faidor and Xalta

When Turin Lesh heard that Faidor the Red was going to be docking into New Sarshel in a few days he immediately assembled his runners for a quick mission. Faidor had a key around his neck that could open a magical strongbox buried in the Graveyard on the Cliffs. Renkirk was excited to be part of the group this time since only Jin, Kage, and Greyson were able to show up.

Immediately, the group made a decision to try and steal the key off of Faidor while he slept after having his whore give him the sleeping elixir they’ve used in the past. Kage was a little reluctant to take part in this part of the mission since it would involve him performing in a threesome. Things were going smoothly until the potion didn’t have the desired effect and Kage took matters into his own hand, or fist as it happened. A fierce fight broke out in the suite at the top of the stairs as Faidor fought for his life and Kage and Greyson also fought for his life. Jin was downstairs making sure all the crew members stayed otherwise occupied and couldn’t help their captain.

Eventually, the fight ended with the team acquiring the key and heading up to the cliffs overlooking the Sea of Fallen Stars. Not long after finding Xalta’s gave and starting to dig up the strongbox, they were startled to find the spirit of Xalta still roamed the area and didn’t take kindly to the intrusion. A long and mostly frustrating fight took place as the gang tried to decide the best way to destroy a ghost. Kage had some Ghostebane powder he put on his blade, but it didn’t work as well as he thought it would. Greyson and Renkirk went down a couple times, but finally the fight was won as Kage delivered the final blow and Jin administered much needed aid to the rest of the group.

Rivan missed this mission due to Court maneuverings. Raythe was occupied with the local flavoring in New Sarshel.


Xalta is a bitch.

Faidor and Xalta

Yes she was. She’s had a ghost wedgie for about 50 years. That kind of thing will get to you…

Faidor and Xalta

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