Shadows of Impiltur


After a couple weeks of bounty hunting, performing, and badgering the incarcerated, Jin got word from a street performing friend, Beatrice, that her niece got kidnapped. Jin, the skillful bargainer that he is, worked out a deal with her to be told of the goings on at the Oaken Spoon as well as a few gold pieces.

Rivan, Jin, Kage, and Raythe found out that Bella was kidnapped by demon worshippers from the Fraternity of Thoros and that she would be sacrificed at the full moon in one day. Without a second spent guessing they went to find the location of the prisioners. They talked with a mysterious old woman who is more afraid of demons than she needs to be and the parents of Bella to glean information. Eventually, they located the back door to the demon-worshipers hideout.

Raythe got to show off his mad compusion powers, Jin in vicious mocking, Riven’s quick work with a concealed dagger, and Kage got to be in peoples way. Seems the fates weren’t with Kage during that fight, but he’s still a promising up and comer. In the end, the bad guys 0, the questionable moral guys 7. The innocence of three little girls was spared and the wrath of demons may have been incurred.

Greyson was absent from this session due to an indescribable need to mock living people. Jerk.


such a good thing to save those innocents. makes my heart warm. sadly those few we could save were not ultimately spared thaat fate. facing the wrath of the questionably moral group when money and reputation is on the line…not a good idea. besides my lawn needs better adornments then a disconnected elven head


questionable moral guys… that has a nice ring to it, maybe we should change our name from the Shadow runners of Impiltir ô¿ô


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