Shadows of Impiltur

Lord Zannon's Revenge!

This day started like any other, with Riven having a great idea to help tear down the Fraternity of Thoros even further, and ended with a bunch of dead bodies. Riven, Raythe and Jin found out through diplomatic interrogation that Lord Zannon, the mastermind behind the masquerade massacre, was meeting up with the High Priest of the Fraternity of Thoros the next night to account for failure of success. They enlist the help of Kage and Greyson to make sure that this baddy goes down. However, the lack of time leant itself to a lack of planning and the whole thing ended up in a grand melee.

Kage showed some new skills as he practiced a form of sword magic that hasn’t been seen since Sword Mages themselves. Although, Kage’s style is much more subtile than that of sword mages. Jin showed that he/she has real balls in the face of impending and almost certain danger, basically throwing a kill order back in the face of Razrael of the Fraternity. Raythe showed that even with the odds stacked against him, he is still one bad ass stealthy mother fucker. Pretty much, he was able to breach the defenses of Lord Jennings by stealth alone. Riven played the dutiful bodyguard to Jin and switched into stealthy stab mode, getting a stab in whenever anyone attacked him. Greyson turned up a little late due to some business in town, but got right in on the action before the first attacks were even done. Due to some quick thinking on Greyson’s and Raythe’s part, Razrael was not able to escape while in gaseous form. Great job by all!

Now, the group is face with a dilemma, what do they do with the knowledge they just gained from Tarnim VonTrapp. Now they know that Colburn Jennings is a high up official in the Fraternity and that he is using Tarnim to do his nefarious bidding by keeping his daughter captive. Also, what to do about all the demons that supposedly reside within the fortified mansion. These questions will be solved next session.


Hearsay and blasphemy!

Lord Zannon's Revenge!

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