Shadows of Impiltur

Missed Opportunity

It was a Wednesday like any other in New Sarshel, but for the visit of Lord Thomas Theil from Lyrabar. Conveniently, Turin Lesh, found out about a meeting between Thomas and Saxon Mythburn of New Sarshel. Turin hired Greyson, Riven, Jin, and Kage to find out what is being offered between the two nobles and make sure the papers don’t get signed. Price agreed on was 10,000 gold pieces.

Kage decided to spend most of the time stalking and taunting poor Thomas who was at the same time being poisoned by the mutable Riven. Thomas was not having a good week. Even the pages at the famed Barbra’s Tavern Inn couldn’t keep their barn from catching on fire or deliver a simple towel on command.

Jin kept his/her ears to the street by trying to find out secrets about the two nobles that could be used against them. Spreading a few rumors as well. Jin must have been distracted by trying to impersonate Thomas Theil himself, because the ears he kept to the street didnt’ pick up the ambush of the real Thomas and his faithful dwarven companion, Gowan, by Kage and Greyson.

In the end, Riven and Jin posed as one half of the signing party and ended up wiping their ass with the contract, casing a mortified Saxon to storm out of the restaurant screaming about vengence against Theil. Thomas got put in jail for the supposed murder of his dwarven companion and Turin Lesh decided this was the best possible outcome and decided to pay the team 1,000 gp each extra for a job well done.

Raythe was mysteriously absent from this mission. Obviously off dominating local women and drinking local blood.


Poor Tom, he really seemed to have a case of the Mondays…Maybe he can put in a good word with Rivan to get him a lighter sentence…of course there would be a price :-)

Missed Opportunity

All i can say is if you want a decent place to stay in New Sarchel, Barbra’s Tavern Inn is definetly not for you!

Missed Opportunity

In my defense, Raythe doesn’t need to dominate.

Missed Opportunity

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