Shadows of Impiltur

Whispers from the Deep

For a myriad of reasons, the individual members of the Ruiners each found themselves beneath the streets of New Sarshel. The foul smelling sewers seem like a horrible place for a reunion, but it seems fate may have had a hand in pulling them together. Good thing too, there are dark things stirring within the foulness.

Seems a spell-scarred abolith had taken up residence in the place where the sewers of the city run into the Underdark. His mad whispering had seeped upwards and started infecting the sanity of the city dwellers. The citizens on the lower levels were hit the hardest. In their madness, they committed some of the most heinous crimes and murders. All in the name of chaos. The abolith wanted nothing more than for order to give way to anarchy for no other reason than he could make it happen.

Luckily, the Ruiners found out what was going on and worked together to put a stop to it, despite some in fighting and trying to tune out the salacious voices in their heads. While Jin was singing words of encouragement, Riven was sly flourishing his heart out, Kage was breaching walls and launching magic missiles, Greyson controlled the battlefield, Shivra created chain reaction murders, and Raythe did his best to make sure the abolith lived a lot shorter time than expected. In all, the Ruiners made mince meat out of the mad group of spell-plagued freaks and made for the light as quick as they could. Stopping to search the dead and rubbish for treasure, of course.


So with the abolith tentacles do we have enough to clear Renkirk’s name? Also what reward has Turin Lesh given us for freeing his ward and possibly clearing his name all at once? I figure once those questions are answered we can get some down time to actually get some other stuff done. Feels like this last week in game has lasted months!!! LoL

Whispers from the Deep

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