Greyson Deadwood

Humanoid Shade with pale skin, glowing white eyes, and lots of snake tattoos. Often seen wearing a cloak


Junior member of the Shadow Runners of Impiltir. Becoming more trusting of fellow member Ka’ge Kawa.
Usually cloaked, pale skin, 5’6" tall ~110 lbs. Worships Zehir
Just 20 years old, often takes a joke too far and is a little immature.

Currently level 4: AC 17 Fort: 13 Reflex: 17 Will: 19
Weilds a wand of psychic ravaging

Amatuer level poisoneer. Apprentice to Moderick the Master of Disguise

If that doesn’t work, just partake in the threesome and improvise
-Greyson to Ka’ge during Faidor the Red mission


A former lower class merchant, still runs odd jobs for old colleagues, usually of the intel gathering variety; occasionally of the procurment variety or enforcment/determent variety.

Unhealthy interest in snakes, darkness, and the path Zehir expects of his followers.

Greyson Deadwood

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