Shadows of Impiltur

Poor Pohr
“The Ruiners” as they are calling themselves now, certainly lived up to their name this time! Leaving in their wake scorched earth, dead circus performers, unsatisfied customers, and a hungry dragon on the loose. Oh, and I almost forgot about the forced separation of Grog and his beloved Thelda. Maybe the heart will grow fonder as time goes on, or maybe it will fester like a cancer. Time will tell… Turin Lesh paid The Ruiners to take care of Pohr the Satyr of Pohr’s Traveling Circus fame. Also, they needed to kidnap Thelda, one half of the famous orc act The FantastOrcs. Raythe, Kage, Jin, and Riven took up the call and traveled north to the town of Tarviston, where the circus was camped. The plan was simple, there was no plan. Each one of them infiltrated the circus in different ways, Riven was interested in the Wagons, Kage had a fascination with the green dragon, Jin had an obsession with Pohr, and Raythe couldn’t care less. It all sort of went to hell when Raythe did a pretty good job coming out of the shadows to kill Pohr behind some curtains in the Big Top, but the satyr didn’t go down as easily as expected and a grand melee occurred. In the end, Pohr died, dwarves died, elves died, dragon was loosed, Grog divorced, and a whole lotta fire! Interestingly, word around town is that The Fraternity of Thoros took revenge upon Pohr for something and used some demon-worshippers to bring the whole thing down. There’s also a rumor about an infiltration of drow elves since they are being spotted everywhere along Impiltir’s coast. Greyson went south to find a gambling tournament and did pretty well. D20 roll pending…
Trial and Pelor

Today was a momentous day for two reasons. The murder trial of Thomas Theil was held at the same time the Sons of Pelor marched into the den of evil that was the Fraternity of Thoros.

First, Riven and Jin lead a troupe of the Sons of Pelor sub-commanded by Cardinal Krozen. They swept in from the rear, which is how Krozen likes it, and pounded the Fraternity hard from behind. At first there was some resistance, but as soon as the group cleared the opening, they were able to go all the way in. Riven rushed down a hall that sounded like some summoning was going on and dispatched two ritualists in time to stop the demon from being summoned. VERY lucky for them. Krozen and his group were able to rescue some slave girls and a family of servants while Jin and Riven took three prisoners. Honored Waldros Blaise was extremely pleased at the outcome and let the group keep what gold and items they found before the destruction of the underground hideout of the Fraternity.

Greyson and Raythe decided to not show their undeadness next to the Sons of Pelor, so they took in a slightly more tame murder trial. It turned out that Wise Vargus Mason had a special candle that was able to decern truth from any well crafted lie. He used it to great effect, finding out that most of the witnesses for Thomas were paid for by Frederick Theil in order to set his father free. It turns out that Thomas went free anyway, having no proof that he killed his longtime friend Gowan, the Dwarf, however, the lying citizens and Frederick all went to jail for purgery and had fines to pay off.

Later that night, Raythe, Greyson, and Jin found their way to Saxon Mythburn’s mansion in time to find some trouble in the way of impersonating the help, stealing secrets, and planting evidence of adultery. Also, on a completely related note, if anyone knows a good housekeeper, Saxon and Georgetta are looking for help and is tired of agency sent women. They never seem to last…

Kage was laying low for this adventure do to some very popular rumors regarding dark elves and evil killing machines…

Faidor and Xalta

When Turin Lesh heard that Faidor the Red was going to be docking into New Sarshel in a few days he immediately assembled his runners for a quick mission. Faidor had a key around his neck that could open a magical strongbox buried in the Graveyard on the Cliffs. Renkirk was excited to be part of the group this time since only Jin, Kage, and Greyson were able to show up.

Immediately, the group made a decision to try and steal the key off of Faidor while he slept after having his whore give him the sleeping elixir they’ve used in the past. Kage was a little reluctant to take part in this part of the mission since it would involve him performing in a threesome. Things were going smoothly until the potion didn’t have the desired effect and Kage took matters into his own hand, or fist as it happened. A fierce fight broke out in the suite at the top of the stairs as Faidor fought for his life and Kage and Greyson also fought for his life. Jin was downstairs making sure all the crew members stayed otherwise occupied and couldn’t help their captain.

Eventually, the fight ended with the team acquiring the key and heading up to the cliffs overlooking the Sea of Fallen Stars. Not long after finding Xalta’s gave and starting to dig up the strongbox, they were startled to find the spirit of Xalta still roamed the area and didn’t take kindly to the intrusion. A long and mostly frustrating fight took place as the gang tried to decide the best way to destroy a ghost. Kage had some Ghostebane powder he put on his blade, but it didn’t work as well as he thought it would. Greyson and Renkirk went down a couple times, but finally the fight was won as Kage delivered the final blow and Jin administered much needed aid to the rest of the group.

Rivan missed this mission due to Court maneuverings. Raythe was occupied with the local flavoring in New Sarshel.


After a couple weeks of bounty hunting, performing, and badgering the incarcerated, Jin got word from a street performing friend, Beatrice, that her niece got kidnapped. Jin, the skillful bargainer that he is, worked out a deal with her to be told of the goings on at the Oaken Spoon as well as a few gold pieces.

Rivan, Jin, Kage, and Raythe found out that Bella was kidnapped by demon worshippers from the Fraternity of Thoros and that she would be sacrificed at the full moon in one day. Without a second spent guessing they went to find the location of the prisioners. They talked with a mysterious old woman who is more afraid of demons than she needs to be and the parents of Bella to glean information. Eventually, they located the back door to the demon-worshipers hideout.

Raythe got to show off his mad compusion powers, Jin in vicious mocking, Riven’s quick work with a concealed dagger, and Kage got to be in peoples way. Seems the fates weren’t with Kage during that fight, but he’s still a promising up and comer. In the end, the bad guys 0, the questionable moral guys 7. The innocence of three little girls was spared and the wrath of demons may have been incurred.

Greyson was absent from this session due to an indescribable need to mock living people. Jerk.

Missed Opportunity

It was a Wednesday like any other in New Sarshel, but for the visit of Lord Thomas Theil from Lyrabar. Conveniently, Turin Lesh, found out about a meeting between Thomas and Saxon Mythburn of New Sarshel. Turin hired Greyson, Riven, Jin, and Kage to find out what is being offered between the two nobles and make sure the papers don’t get signed. Price agreed on was 10,000 gold pieces.

Kage decided to spend most of the time stalking and taunting poor Thomas who was at the same time being poisoned by the mutable Riven. Thomas was not having a good week. Even the pages at the famed Barbra’s Tavern Inn couldn’t keep their barn from catching on fire or deliver a simple towel on command.

Jin kept his/her ears to the street by trying to find out secrets about the two nobles that could be used against them. Spreading a few rumors as well. Jin must have been distracted by trying to impersonate Thomas Theil himself, because the ears he kept to the street didnt’ pick up the ambush of the real Thomas and his faithful dwarven companion, Gowan, by Kage and Greyson.

In the end, Riven and Jin posed as one half of the signing party and ended up wiping their ass with the contract, casing a mortified Saxon to storm out of the restaurant screaming about vengence against Theil. Thomas got put in jail for the supposed murder of his dwarven companion and Turin Lesh decided this was the best possible outcome and decided to pay the team 1,000 gp each extra for a job well done.

Raythe was mysteriously absent from this mission. Obviously off dominating local women and drinking local blood.


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