Colburn Jennings

Colburn is a member of the Grand Council of Impiltur as well as an overland merchant lord. He owns most of the caravans that travel back and forth from the Great Dales as well as to Vesper across the mountains. Strangely, Colburn’s caravans have had a good deal less run ins with demons during his overland treks.

His wife is Sorsia. They have no children yet and it’s rumored that she is barren.

Colburn used to have a scroll that was taken from the illustrious Draven Star, but The Ruiners came and stole it out from under him during a visit by the in-laws. Now, it is rumored that he is a demon worshipper himself and that he even has demons roaming through his house at all hours. It might makes sense since it has been said that ever since he got the huge mirror of his from a Great Dales merchant, he has had an unnatural obsession with the abyss and demons in general. However, since Impiltur is basically overrun with denizens of the abyss, it is no wonder that his mind wanders there a bit much.

Colburn is dead, his house has been ransacked, and his demons molested. One fateful night, a group of infiltraters came out of the catacombs and laid waste to some of the nice demons that protect the Jennings estate from ne’er do wells. Guess that didn’t work. Even the Demon of the Word had no chance against a determined group of ruiners intent on messing things up for Jennings and stealing his halfling hostage.

Seems some pretty magical items and an artifact has been found missing from the premises. Also missing is Sorsia. It would appear that all the rumors were true and Jennings was involved in the Fraternity of Thoros. What is not so sure is what Morthok is going to do now that he has lost a valuable ally/pawn in New Sarshel.

Colburn Jennings

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