House Rules

Buying Magical Items

When looking for a magical item in market places or on the streets, the DC is equal to 20 plus the magical items’s level. You can either roll a straight up Streetwise role to find it by using your connections and common sense or you can use Perception at a -2 penalty to show you are just looking everywhere you can for the item without relying on help from others. You may increase you chances of finding something by adding a +3 to your Streetwise roll for every 1000gp you kick in as a bribe or making the deal more lucrative for the person helping you find an object. These gold pieces are gone whether or not you succeed on the Streetwise roll. Good Luck!

Rolling a Natural 1

When a player or monster rolls a Natural 1, they will grant Combat Advantage to the creature they attacked until the beginning of their next turn.

Keeping Initiative

The keeper of initiative for the gaming session will earn 5% more experience for the extra work they put into the session. The only thing I ask is that they stay on top of it and try to keep the battle flowing.

Role-Playing Experience

I will now be issuing Role-Playing experience in the form of:

0 for showing nothing of your character through your actions or words
100 for showing a bit of your character through actions at least
200 for letting your character show through some actions and words
350 for acting as your character most of the time and staying true to your concept and alignment
500 for not breaking character once and really showing what your character is about in every way

Local Drugs

Tingleberry: The berry that grows in the fruit of Lingamore trees can be dried and crushed and then smoked. If smoked this way, the person smoking relaxes and feels less pain, however it makes you less aware of things that are going on in the natural world. Effects are: gain 10 temporary hit points and a +2 to Perception rolls. You also take a -2 to Initiative and -2 on all Intelligence based skill rolls for the duration of the drug. Tingleberry lasts for 1 hour. This drug is not very addictive, you get a +3 on your Endurance roll to resist addiction.

Polijuice: Known mostly as “juice”, this is a fairly easy hallucinogenic drug to get ahold of used by a lot of creative types. Alchemists were the first to figure out the correct mixture of chemicals and ant larvae that make this concoction so potent, but also terrible to taste. Effects are: +2 to Will defense and +2 to all Intelligence skill rolls, as well as -4 to Insight and Perception rolls. Polijuice lasts for 4 hours and is slightly addictive. There is no bonus to your Endurance roll to avoid becoming addicted.

Purple Pollen: Also known as the Power Flower, this upper comes from the pollen of the Hysbyscus plant found primarily above the timber line on tall mountains. When this pollen is snorted through the nose, it immediately causes you to become hyper focused and you feel on top of the world. Effects are: +2 to Initiative, +1 to Reflex defense, and +1 to all charisma skill rolls. You also lose one healing surge and take a -2 to stealth, thievery, and Endurance. Purple Pollen is highly addictive and receives a -5 to your Endurance roll to see if you are addicted. This drug lasts for 4 hours.

Alcohol: This counts as more than your Constitution bonus glasses or bottles of beer, wine, or liquor in one sitting. Effects are: Resist 3 to all damage, +2 to Diplomacy rolls, -2 Initiative, -2 to Athletics, Acrobatics, Stealth, and Thievery. Duration is 2 hours. Alcohol is slightly addictive, so you have a -1 to your Endurance roll to resist addiction.

While you are under the influence of any drug, you may expend a healing surge for the specific purpose of lessening the duration. For every healing surge spent, you halve the time you are affected by the drug. If you spend four healing surges, you immediately sober up and make your addiction roll.


You must make an addiction roll immediately after the duration wears off on a drug you just took. You add your Endurance bonus and any bonuses or negatives given to you by the drugs. If you become addicted to a drug, you must have it before your next extended rest or suffer the consequences listed. If you fail the roll, you are addicted and you climb up to the next stage in addiction. After an extended rest, you must roll as well.

Stage 0: You are no longer addicted.
Stage 1: You must take the drug again within 6 hours or suffer a -1 to all attack rolls and -1 to Will defense.
Stage 2: You must take the drug again within 4 hours or suffer a -2 to all attacks and a -1 to all defenses.
Stage 3: You must take the drug again within 2 hours or suffer a -3 to all attacks and you grant combat advantage to everyone.
Stage 4: You must take the drug again within 1 hour or suffer a -4 to all attacks, a -1 to Initiative, and you grant combat advantage to everyone.
Stage 5: You must take the drug again within 30 minutes or suffer a -5 to all attacks, a -2 to initiative, grant combat advantage to everyone, and you are vulnerable 5 to all damage.

Endurance DC equals 1/2 your level +10. If you roll equal to or over your DC, you are not addicted or go down one stage of addiction. If you roll less than that you stage goes up by one.

House Rules

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