New Sarshel

Port City; Population 30,000

New Sarshel was able to keep pace with the retreating Sea of Fallen Stars when it mattered most, so it captured a volume of sea trade and imports that Lyrabar and other western port cities previously enjoyed. Unlike the rest of Impiltur, New Sarshel’s fortunes are waxing and trade with the Great Dale is increasing. Several of the Grand Council reside in New Sarshel, including Behroun Marhana, Saxon Mythburn, Colburn Jennings, Honored Waldros Blaise, and Arianna Belsing.

This city is bordered on two sides by large hills on the east and west, the Sea of Fallen Stars to the south, and the city wall/gate to the north. The port area is accommodating and deep, which helps New Sarshel keep up with sea trade when so many other cities have fallen by the wayside due to the falling sea level. Due to the waters receding, the town is build in three layers. The highest level, and the one that the founders of the city found first is called Old Sarshel. It houses most of the cities nobles, government buildings, financial structures, and the largest, safest open market in the city. Next level, is now called Middletown and it has a large ramp leading down to it from Old Sarshel. This level holds most of the middle class citizens, shop merchants, and tradesmen. The twisting streets lead visitors in circles if they’re not careful and holds many different specialty shops. Last is Watertown. This area houses most of New Sarshel’s poor and lower class work force. The streets are chaotic, narrow, and frequently wet with overspill from the sea. Most of the towns warehouses are on this level as well as cheap bars and whore houses.

On the surrounding hills, there are quite a few walled mansions and mini-castles of some of the most prominent nobles. From outside the city limits, it is very hard to scale the rocks that lead up to the mansions, but from inside the hills are more gradual with many roads winding through the trees and occasional graveyard. Underneath New Sarshel, the cliff faces hold many cave systems and most of them connect at some point. It’s rumored that if you look long and hard enough, you can find a pathway to the Underdark.

New Sarshel has a dark underbelly as well, run primarily by The Thieves Guild, who seem to have their burglars gloves in most of the political happenings and secret transactions that keep New Sarshel a city to be reckoned with.

New Sarshel

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