The Thieves Guild

The Thieves Guild of New Sarshel isn’t your typical small organization of lower level burglars that try to help each other out while making off with the priceless artifacts of the aristocracy.

Run by the veteran cat burglar Draven Star, the guild is seeing a new revival of income and power unseen in a century. It’s said that they have a very specific agenda that they are constantly working towards and that only Draven knows what that is. However, it’s also rumored that Draven is but a pawn himself of the Grand Council and the Fraternity of Thoros.

The Guild is made up of four different factions/specialties. The Guild of Courtesans run by Horvak the Lady Thriller, a half-elf with immeasurable charm and a flawless pimp-slap. The Guild of Burglars run by Tarnim VonTrapp, a halfling with a flair for the dramatic. The Guild of Smugglers run by Sal Rivers, a human who’s seen it all and been everywhere. Lastly, the Guild of Secrets run by The Spider, who has not made much known about herself except that she pays well for secrets and almost always knows what your thinking.

Some people you may meet along the way include: Tallas, an expert with daggers; Gregory Smith, trap and lock maker, and VarnIzpa, an old lady with a passion for poison; Moderick, the Master of Disguise.

Some places you may want to visit include: Black Market, Obstacle Course, Old Eion’s Forge, and Mirriam’s Mystical Menagerie.

The Thieves Guild

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