Burned city 2

Welcome to Impiltur.

This is a dying land and a declining civilization. The king is dead, the seas have receded, and everyone is scrambling for peace and prosperity once again. On top of everything, the area is increasingly becoming overrun by demons and their minions. In short, this is a perfect place to lie low, scratch out a place for yourself, and build a fortune while running in the shadows.

This story involves one such group, calling themselves The Ruiners. They may want to call themselves something else, but ultimately it’s really more about how they effect the world around them. These are some of the characters that make up our world:

Riven: Smart and manipulative. He know what he wants and will always take steps to achieve it, no matter who gets in the way.
Raythe: Quick and deadly. He knows some of the quickest and quietest ways to make a living person, no longer living.
Jin: Deceptive and crafty. He/she is at his/her best when there needs to be a distraction or a carefully placed lie that needs to be believed.
Greyson: Dark and mysterious. He manipulates dark energies to make sure the group can reach their goal with plans and magic.
Kage: Deadly and chaotic. He goes above and beyond sometimes to makes sure that lives are ruined all while keeping an eye on the goal.
Shivra: Righteous and exacting. She is new to the group, but has proved that she can give way better than she can take.

Shadows of Impiltur

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